It happened again. It was obvious from the soulful sound that one of the goats got her
head stuck in the wire fence. This was notthe first time.
Even though this repeatedly happens, the goat continues to poke her head through the
fence. She is convinced what she sees on the other side of the fence is far better
than where she is.
A perfect picture of how what we see can direct our actions. That poor goat was
enticed in the same way as Eve way back in the garden of Eden.
No matter God singled out one tree that was off limits. When Eve looked at that tree, she
saw how beautiful it was. Its fruit looked delicious, and, the promise it would make
her wise, all made it totally irresistible.
Our present day world has been shaped by fear, discontent, and dissatisfaction. People
are hungry, looking for something better…reaching out, like the goat, through the fence.
Advertising promotes products with enticing promises. Real butter has been outvoted by
“better than butter”. We are surrounded by substitutes.
We sing…”Nothing is better than God”. But, again, like butter, there are many substitutes.
Things that appear to be better than God. Here’s the challenge. What do we substitute
for God…for spending time seeking to know Him and experience His presence?
Is it quicker to play the lottery than wait for God to show us His plan to prosper us?
Are drugs and alcohol better solutions than working things out God’s way?
God has foreordained great works for each one of us, but we can choose to walk in our
own way, like the goat, trying to reach what ooks better.
BTW, that goat couldn’t free herself.
Someone needed wire clippers to set her free.

About Pastor BB

My background and career as a painter and graphic designer was put on hold by degenerative discs that resulted in my being bed-ridden. However, God was merciful and blessed me with a miracle! Read the wonderful details in my testimony booklet, free upon request.
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