This is a dream I had in January. I was excited about the specific timing of the dream, but also the focus /direction it gave to us.

In the dream I was sitting in the second row of a classroom.
The professor asked if anyone had experienced a “mystery night”. No one knew what that was, so I asked. He walked over to me and stared at me a long time. His eyes seemed to pierce through me. I had the realization he was an angel. Finally, he reached in his pocket, and without a word, put a crumbled piece of yellow paper in my hand. On it was written Psalm 66.

I couldn’t wait to read it! Now, you read it for yourself. It was a confirmation for the worship event (Church Shout!) we were doing that weekend. It was also to remind us that no matter what we are going through, the Lord is with us and He will deliver us. No obstacle (the Red Sea) can hinder us. Instead, with mighty demonstrations of His power and mercy, the Lord brings us through tests of affliction (verses 10-12) into a “wealthy” place. Yah… a place that is well watered, abundant, prosperous and fruitful!

Don’t skip over verses 13-15. The determination not to come before the Lord empty-handed is to make good the vows we promised in times of distress. Now our offerings are expressive of our heart-felt thankfulness to Him.

Initially we are invited to “come and see” what God is doing (verse 5), but in the last verses (16-20), we are invited to “come and hear”. Here is the power of your personal testimony! As you declare all the Lord has done for you, others will be encouraged and set free. We owe it to God and others to declare the working of His power and mercy in our own lives!

Let me know if you would like a free copy of my personal testimony!

About Pastor BB

My background and career as a painter and graphic designer was put on hold by degenerative discs that resulted in my being bed-ridden. However, God was merciful and blessed me with a miracle! Read the wonderful details in my testimony booklet, free upon request.
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