Much more than a mighty rushing wind, there is a sound in heaven right now that is resounding throughout the earth.  All creation is hearing the sound and awakening! It is the sound of the Glory of God!   Gates are opening….gates are opening!!!  The double gates are opening wide….the King of Glory is coming among us! (Psalm 24)

Ha….in the natural, as the Midwest has been soaked with rain….in the spirit, the flood gates of heaven are opening!  As the enemy comes in, the Lord of Hosts comes like a flood, raising a standard against him. The very presence of our Warrior King, this Mighty Man of war, is breaking gates open over nations, over cities, and over individual lives!  Brass gates are breaking open and iron bars are falling down!

The gates of hell can not prevail against the righteousness of our God.  We are to go forward and possess the gates of our enemies. Enter the gates with praise….the enemy can no longer hold us back from entering secret places of hidden riches. Treasures of darkness are made visible in the King’s light!

“There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God…” (Psalm 48:4)  Rushing golden rivers of God’s glory are opening the gates of cities. Historically, there were 12 gates into Jerusalem; the new Jerusalem also has 12 gates. (Nehemiah 3; Revelations 21)   Twelve (12) is a perfect number…it signifies governmental perfection.  Understand the perfect apostolic rule of God is not only coming upon nations and cities but on individual lives as well. When you read the following names of the gates and their prophetic application, I believe you will have faith to hear the new sound from heaven invading the earth right now!


1.  SHEEP GATE.  Jesus is the gate all the sheep must pass through to be saved.

2.  FISH GATE.   Jesus is making us “fishers of men”. Gates of evangelism are opening!

3.  OLD GATE.  The law of the old covenant is now seen through the grace of the new       covenant.

4.  VALLEY GATE.  A “shadow of death” place where many are weeping and making decisions.

5.  DUNG GATE.  Waste/refuge was taken out here… places of deliverance are opening!

6.  FOUNTAIN GATE.  This gate was next to the pool of Siloam, where the Word and Holy Spirit work together. Miracles are happening!

7.  WATER GATE.  Many are being cleansed right now by the washing of the water of God’s Word!

8.  HORSE GATE. The Lord of Hosts rides with His armies through these gates!

9.  EAST GATE.  This is the gate called “Beautiful” or “Golden”. The Lord returns to Jerusalem through this gate!

10. MIPHKAD GATE.  The sheep were counted and inspected here; a reminder we all will be judged.

11. EPHRAIM GATE.  Ephraim means double fruitfulness and a joining together – Jew and Gentile; heaven and earth. There is a new unity happening!

12. PRISON GATE.  An angel led Peter though this gate…. Many are being set free through angelic deliverance.

Pray with faith. Come into agreement with what the Lord is doing right now and advance!


About Pastor BB

My background and career as a painter and graphic designer was put on hold by degenerative discs that resulted in my being bed-ridden. However, God was merciful and blessed me with a miracle! Read the wonderful details in my testimony booklet, free upon request.
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3 Responses to GATES ARE OPENING!

  1. Thank you Pastor BB for your salted words of hope and love.

  2. Cheryl Rudy says:

    I just read this again and realize the results of this time are really working. New doors have been opening for me in work and in worship. Also in revelation. Now I believe the Word is next. God is also putting people around me that really need healing and I’m believing to see much more effectiveness by His grace.

  3. Carol Nichols says:

    thank you for your words of inspiration! I remember some very spiritual moments in the domed church on Burlington. . .

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