C C  There’s no doubt this year’s Kentucky Derby was spectacular! It was the second largest crowd ever to unite together and breathlessly watch the 2 minute race! Never mind the well known, high priced horses… the race went to a most unlikely winner, California Chrome.

I believe the Lord often uses such events to illustrate prophetically how He is moving in our lives. Here are some of the things I felt the Lord was highlighting for me.

It was exciting to learn one of the owners, Steve Coburn, actually had had a dream about a horse winning the Triple Crown three weeks before the horse was born. When he saw the foal right after he was born, he recognized this was the horse of his dream. He held onto that dream, and that dream was played out this year at the Kentucky Derby! Right here, I want to say if you’d had a dream, you have to hang on to it; you have to believe it; you have to pray it through. If the dream is from the Lord, He will watch over it; it will come to pass!

Another thing totally relevant for today is the fact the trainer, Art Sherman, is an older gentleman,  77 years old, and he too had a dream. He had been at the Kentucky Derby 59 years ago, watching the race from the barn where he worked exercising horses. Don’t you just know his heart was longing for that someday when he would be at the tract, training a horse that would win the Derby! Praise God, this is the year it happened for Him! Isn’t that amazing? Look again: what’s in your heart? Hold onto it…when it’s  from God, He will grant you the desire of your heart!  So here we are, 59 years later, Art is now California Chrome’s trainer, and in the winners’ circle watching the race! He’s no longer back in the barn area!

Where are you? Are you ready to be promoted? God wants to take you from the back and put you in the front! Remember, Art is 77 years old. There are many older spiritual moms and dads who have not yet seen the fruitfulness of their labor. Well, get ready…that will come to pass! The seeds that have been planted and the tears that have been shed, the time that has been spent to nurture, to grow, to discipline, to point the way, to train in the Word of God has not been in vain. There is a group of young people rising up and they’re going to suddenly take cities by storm –  that’s what California Chrome did! He took that race!

Winning was also the fruit of an amazing relationship between the horse and the jockey, Victor Espinoza. All the elements: dedication, discipline, submission worked together in perfect harmony. The horse and his rider were as one. Such should our relationship be with the Lord. Just the slightest nudge from the Holy Spirit should cause us to respond immediately. With just the slightest nudge from his trainer, California Chrome was right on it.

They held back, maintaining a third-place position on the inside until almost the end. At the final turn, Victor maneuvered California Chrome to the outside and then let him do what he loves to do…He loves to RUN! Run he did…stretching out immediately with explosive energy, to take the lead by 5 lengths!

It was phenomenal! He won by 1 ½ lengths – it was spectacular display of power! God wants to do spectacular things through His people. Some things have been restrained, until their proper season, and I believe this is that season! The Lord is removing restraints but we have to run with Him …that running isn’t careless….it’s purposeful…we have to hear and respond quickly to move with the Holy Spirit, in the direction and ways He’s leading us to run in.

I love the name California Chrome. He is the first California bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby since 1962. Chrome speaks of things that shine with a brilliant radiance. There’s a brilliance of God’s glory – a shining – that He’s releasing in His people. Get ready, California, for a manifestation of the presence of the Lord…   His glory being made visible, through signs and wonders!

The people at that at the Kentucky derby were so excited, on their feet, going crazy and shouting as California Chrome headed towards that finish line. California Chrome was a shining witness to the excellence of who he had been created to be. God wants to do the same thing with us; His glory is going to shine through His people and reveal Himself as we become who He created us to be.

This is such an exciting the time; we’re living in the unprecedented favor of the Lord! I want to encourage you; remember when the Lord chose Gideon? Gideon was like “Who am I? I’m from the weakest family and of least importance.” Judges 6:15

Such is the case with California Chrome. He isn’t the product of wealthy horse breeders. Instead, his pedigree is quite humble and so not quality; it was said anyone who bought him was dumb. His owners, Steve Coburn and Perry Martin, both work and raised California Chrome in their one horse stable.

God saw something in Gideon and called him forth. The owners saw something in California Chrome and held on to a dream. They poured everything they had into California Chrome, regardless of what others said, they saw the DNA of a winner.

Don’t let the enemy disqualify you: never mind your lowly background. Remember, “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”  1 Corinthians 6:17   You have the DNA of the King of Kings in you ….you are destined for great works!

I challenge you this day to run your race and run to win!


About Pastor BB

My background and career as a painter and graphic designer was put on hold by degenerative discs that resulted in my being bed-ridden. However, God was merciful and blessed me with a miracle! Read the wonderful details in my testimony booklet, free upon request.
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  1. Jan says:

    Very inspiring! I think I will run with this and make this a very productive day! Thank you! Love Jan

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