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Do you see the storm? The dark clouds and flooding waters? I see the Storm Rider! Suddenly, it seemed like I was stepping into a re-run of an earlier vision of Jesus on a beautiful white horse.  He stopped and … Continue reading

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Tonight I kept seeing people that appeared to be squashed down by some invisible force. Their bodies were like boxes….some were so compressed they barely had any necks. Others were extremely hunched over. They all seemed so sad and discouraged. … Continue reading

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  Most people are familiar with the “butterflies in the stomach” sensation. Along this line, I had a recent prayer request re stomach issues described as a “jumping frogs” sensation. This was a fairly new one to me, so I’ve … Continue reading

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It was such a perfect day. The sun was shining; the sand was warm. We dug deep holes, trenches, and put up walls. We filled small, brightly colored, plastic buckets with sea water. We carved, pressed, shaped and molded wet … Continue reading

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YEAR 5776

The Hebrew alphabet has word pictures associated with its letters. The word/picutres for this new year 2016-5776 on the Jewish calendar are 70 = “ayin = an eye” and 6 = “vav = a peg”. That makes this year, the … Continue reading

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  It began in 2007. The book of Joel speaks of the many events preceding the great and awesome day of the Lord. One verse in particular caught my attention. Joel 2:29,30 “And also on My menservants and on My … Continue reading

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This is a short audio of a vision I recently had re the Last Supper and the New Covenant!

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  There’s no doubt this year’s Kentucky Derby was spectacular! It was the second largest crowd ever to unite together and breathlessly watch the 2 minute race! Never mind the well known, high priced horses… the race went to a most … Continue reading

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