AmericanPharoahRebelStakes2015CP225It began in 2007.

The book of Joel speaks of the many events preceding the great
and awesome day of the Lord.

One verse in particular caught my attention.

Joel 2:29,30 “And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I
will pour out My Spirit in those days. And I will show wonders in the heavens
and in the earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke.”

There’s been lots of wonders in the heavens recently…the blood moon, the
solar eclipse, new planets being discovered, etc.
But what about in the earth? Again, there has been more than wonder at the
unusual weather patterns, ongoing snow storms, flooding, earthquakes, etc.

Specifically, I was looking for events on earth that would prophetically point
to the soon coming day of the Lord.

For some people, the only reference they have for this is when Jesus first
went to Nazareth, into the synagogue, and read Isaiah 4:18 This speaks of
the Spirit of Lord being upon Him for specific purposes . . . He ended His
reading (v 19) with the words “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord”,
closed the book and sat down.

The acceptable year of the Lord is not the same as the day of the Lord. Jesus
did not read the rest of v 19 which is….. “And the day of vengeance of
Our God.” Isaiah 61:2

Vengeance is defined as “payback, retaliation, or retribution for wrong or
harmful actions”. This is the age old “sowing and reaping” principle, also
defined as “karma”; and, as scripture points out: “..and be sure your sin will
find you out.” Numbers 32:23

Aside from the definition, the weight of this comes from the source. It is God
Himself Who says…”Vengeance is mine; I will repay.” Romans 12:19

So… I wanted to find events that would prophetically speak of God beginning
to turn the tables upside down. (Jesus did that in the temple to the money
changers who defiled the temple which was to be a house of prayer with their
marketing of animals for the sacrifice.)

Such a “God-event” on earth would be one that would attract hundreds of people…
Not the Sunday church crowd…The all flesh mix.

I found it at the Kentucky Derby!

On May 5, 2007, 156,635 people attended the Kentucky Derby.
The race was won by an 8 year old horse (8 = new beginnings) who appeared to be
a joke! Some thought he should not have even been allowed to enter the
Derby. There are 20 starting gates; this horse was in #19, which already spoke
of defeat.

Surprise, surprise…to the amazement of some, and distress of others, this horse
pulled it together, yah, at the last minute, and won the Derby! The name of
the horse was “Street Sense”.

Prophetic insight: The Spirit of the Lord would suddenly come upon those in the
street; they would sense His Presence /love and run right past the Church folks
and be empowered to be Winners – soul winners, filled w/ power, being in
themselves signs and wonders!

I was hooked. Every subsequent year, I’ve followed the Kentucky Derby, right
through to the Triple Crown. The Lord has been consistent to speak prophetically
through each one! This became one of the favorite messages in our church!

Overall, the content of these messages have been motivational, encouraging alerts.
But this year was totally different.

Beginning with the Kentucky Derby, through the Preakness Stakes (the 2nd race before
Belmont) the Lord spoke to me re the name of the horse which won both races: His name
is “American Pharoah”. His name was spelt incorrectly, so now that holds as his name.

Prophetic insight: (Remember these are prophetic possibilities than you can pray through
and ask the Lord to give you further revelation.)

American Pharoah is about our President. (There is also an interesting parallel here re
authenticity of the name and its miss spelling.)

In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh was a King, who ruled like a god over the land. It may be then
that American Pharoah means that America is under the rule of the spirit of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt was major in the occult. Magic, witchcraft, spells, sorceries, etc.
These same spirits are visible in America in much of our media, entertainment, and
current events.
It’s always interesting to know origins of words we hear. Like ISIS. In Egyptian mythology,
Isis is the first daughter of the god of the earth, and the source of Pharaoh’s power.

If America is under the ruler ship of a Pharaoh, would that align us as being like
Egypt? Pray that not be so.

Pharaoh, in his arrogance, claimed it was all his Kingdom; he had made it all. He also
failed Israel as they turned and leaned on Egypt on support. Hmmm…

Therefore, God set Himself against Pharaoh, and great destruction came upon him, the land, the rivers, the animals, birds, fish etc. Numerous reports re droughts, the death of hundreds of birds, fish, etc makes this sound too familiar.(Ezekiel 29; Daniel 11)
Through military invasion, Egypt is ultimately financially plundered and no longer a world power.

We can reject the possibility of being “another Egypt”, but it’s getting harder to ignore things which have been proven to provoke the vengeance of the Lord.

It’s a Biblical no brainer: If we love God and obey His commandments, we live safely in the
abundance of His blessings and provision. If we reject God and disregard His commandments, we are on our own. We become a man-made society, self centered, making our own laws, redefining moral standards etc. Israel did this, and when they regressed to the point of sacrificing their children to their idols and gods, they set themselves on a course of destruction. Hello abortion.

America is currently following the same course of defiance and rejecting God’s sovereignty. Such turning away from God has been proven to bring judgment.
The best example of this is the Biblical law of the Shemitah. (Read “The Mystery of the Shemitah”, by Johnathan Cahn).

The good news is that before judgment, God gives warnings! Hence the search for prophetic signs in current events.

Back to the races! The 3rd, and final race for the Triple Crown was the Belmont Stakes on
June 6, which was won by American Pharoah. For the first time in 37 years, the same horse won all three races.

By the way, American Pharoah is owned by an orthodox Jew from Egypt; the jockey was born in Mexico.

Is this a prophetic picture of our President being elected for a 3rd term, riding through
with additional support from other nationalities?

Much can happen between now and the election. How we pray and what we believe can shift the atmosphere and spirits ruling over our nation.
We are a nation of many beliefs. Whoever is most commitment to their cause may have the most influence.

One last thing. Many financial experts have predicted the economic collapse is eminent.
Some of the projected dates have already past. Quite simply, We can listen to man or look to God. He calling us back to Him. Refusal to do so will eventually bring great destruction, in every sphere of life as we know it.

Study this out…the last day of the year of the Shemitah (which 2015 is) is called Elul 29.
This day is Sunday, September 13, 2015. On this day, all possessions and lands are restored to owners, all debts are forgiven. A financial wipe out.

This will be a blessing or destruction, depending how America runs the race.

About Pastor BB

My background and career as a painter and graphic designer was put on hold by degenerative discs that resulted in my being bed-ridden. However, God was merciful and blessed me with a miracle! Read the wonderful details in my testimony booklet, free upon request.
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  1. dstover says:

    Just in the hours and days preceding American Pharoah’s win these horses were out down… Helwan, Soul House and icprideicpower…among many others who tragically are bred and medicated to win or die trying. I was struck by the names that seemed to have prophetic connotations.

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